We’ve moved!

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We are settling into our new office at 305-1166 Alberni Street!
The new space is amazing (I am actually sitting in The Bean Bag Room as I’m typing this up) – lots of natural light, multiple meeting spaces, and a 2000 sq ft patio… perfect for all those parties we’re itching to throw. There are, of course, a few kinks here and there, but for the most part the office feels like it has always been our’s.  And we’ve only been here for 2 days!
Keep an eye on your inbox for an invite to our upcoming Office Opening Party.  In the meantime, check out some of our before and after shots of our new office:





…As you can see, there is still a bit more work to be done!
By the way, I’m the new Community & Events Manager at Two Tall Totems.  If you have any content you’d love to see from us, or any ideas for a great party, send them my way. Get in touch with us on social media:
Twitter: @TwoTallTotems  |  Facebook: TwoTallTotems  |  Instagram: @TwoTallTotems  |  LinkedIn: Two-Tall-Totems
Back to hanging out in the Bean Bag Room!