VSW Mobile Marketing

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When I was looking to register for events at Vancouver Startup Week I thought I would try to learn a few new things . So when I saw that there was a mobile marketing panel I decided to register. After signing in I looked at the speakers list and to my surprise there was a photo of me with my name below.  Mobile marketing is a HUGE problem that will create billion dollar companies. I am probably not going to found one of these companies.
I was to share a panel with Eric MacKinnon from App Annie, Hayden McFarlane, Head of Product Growth from Fitplan, and Josh Nilson CEO of East Side Games. Each of whom impressed me by their vast knowledge and ability to use acronyms I have never heard of ;).
Right from the start the fun began. As if our plan had been to confuse the audience, not one of the panelists (me included) sat in front of our pictures cast by the projector above. Hard to pass us off as experts when we don’t even recognize our faces and names and sit accordingly :).
Mobile Marketing Vancouver
I had to open with the truth. We got a few minutes to describe our companies and what we do. I could only say it this way.
“I am about as qualified to be on this panel as Trump has to run for President. But much like Trump… now that I have an audience I promise to not to shut up.”
Elizabeth Kinsey of Branch Metrics fame did a great job moderating. She pro-actively altered the questions so it would be more in my comfort zone and made sure that everyone in the audience learned a whole lot about a tricky topic.
Well I am not sure how much knowledge I was able to share but I learned a lot from the gentlemen to my right.
Thank you Mobify for hosting!