Vancouver Startup Week – TTT Workshops

Vancouver Startup Week design workshop
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Tuesday afternoon was a lot of fun. As part of the Vancouver Startup Week we hosted three workshops at our office. These workshops covered:
Do’s & Don’ts of Software Development Design 
Josephine Wong & David Drucker
VP Design Josephine and UX Designer David D led a conversation on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to designing aspects of mobile applications.  They shared examples of apps that have the IT factor… and apps that don’t.  This workshop was perfect for designers and those of us who want beautiful (but functional) apps!
Two Tall Totems Design
Software Development: From Concept To Release
David Hobbs & José Antonio Hernández
VP Operations David H and Business Manager Jose explained the journey of software development, from scribbles to code to the final launch.  This workshop was aimed for the curious, and the entrepreneur with The Big Idea.
Making apps
Three Cups of Chai: Extending Your Professional Network
Chris Hobbs
I shared some tricks for growing your network in a fun, easy, time-efficient way.  Best for those starting out in the industry, or want to meet new people with a lasting impression.
Chris Hobbs Networking
It was a great opportunity to meet our designers and developers as well as network and experience bleeding edge technologies.
To the many who took part in the workshops I extend my apologies for the heat in the presentation rooms. I can’t complain for a warm September day but compounded by many the people who took part and I sure wish we could open some windows. 🙂