From Two Tall Totems to TTT Studios

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Change is eternal.  Recently, we shared the exciting news of the move to our new office at 1250-777 Dunsmuir Street. Now I would like to share an even bigger change to Two Tall Totems itself. We have spent ample time examining our current identity which is a very different creature to the company we founded close to a decade ago.

The journey so far

We’ve never been one to rely on sales and marketing. We didn’t (and still don’t) have a dedicated sales team, and for the longest time no marketing team. Our approach has always been to focus on building the best products possible utilizing best practices. This philosophy has brought us monumental success so far and a ton of referrals, which our business is built on. Our brand and identity, for the most part, was an afterthought that has developed organically alongside our business operations.

As we’ve continued to grow, however, our technical capabilities have increased significantly. As a consequence, our breadth of services gradually expanded…to the point where we were no longer the same company we were five, three or even one year ago. And so…we realized it was necessary to rethink how we define ourselves as a company.

Before I go on a spiel about what’s on the horizon, we’d like to take a moment to honour our past.

Two Tall Totems

Indulge me to pay homage to what has been our identity over the past 8 wonderful  years. We’ve grown a lot as a company; more than we could’ve ever imagined at the beginning as a four-person team, in an office the size of a closet.

As Two Tall Totems, we put together our first desks, had our first scavenger hunt, got our first board game, weathered some storms that almost sank the ship, landed our first big contract and won our first award. But things weren’t always easy. Startup life is often glorified. The good times were amazing, but the road bumps in a startup are rough, and oftentimes devastating.

In our earlier, less experienced days, there were times when a single bad client refusing to pay almost shut us down. David, Josephine and I went MANY months without taking a paycheck to make sure the  team was taken care of first. I have an unwavering belief in putting the family first, and this is something I will never compromise on. I knew it then, but it’s even clearer now in hindsight how important it is to hold true to these values. It took a ton of hard work, and let’s face it, luck, to make it into the 10% of startups that avoid dying a horrible death.

Personally, I will miss our beloved characters we once used to represent us. The questions asking if we were a software firm or a daycare have been noted but moving forward I may sneak one or two of them in somewhere when our Marketing Manager isn’t looking (I hope Pauline doesn’t read this).

Two Tall Totems Mascots

A new chapter: TTT Studios

First off, we have a new name; one that’s less of a tongue twister. When we started the process of rebranding, we knew we didn’t want to forget where we came from. Since many of you already refer to us as “TTT”, the decision was easy.  The next part, however, took a little more thought.

It starts with our values

The most critical part of this whole process was defining who we are. Thankfully, we already had a pretty clear picture, we just needed the words to make it official. After some exploration and discovery, we found the three words that described us perfectly. These three words went on to inform the entirety of our branding decisions. Let me share with you their significance and why they mean so much to us.


We’ve learned a lot from past experiences, and have come out the other end a much stronger team. We have had our share of rough patches that have enabled us to show our true character and establish the trust and reputation we have. Over the years, we’ve gotten really good at making few mistakes and reflecting and learning from them. However, in the rare occasion that they happen, we bite the bullet with conviction and grit. One thing we NEVER go back on is our word, and this is the single most important defining characteristic of who we are and how we do business.


It brings a smile to my face every time I hear our backend developers getting into heated debates on which framework is the best. We have a tendency to challenge assumptions, and it’s paramount that we lead the charge and push the envelope when working with bleeding edge technology. This is particularly important in this industry where the “best way to do something” changes almost everyday.


Excellence is a consequence of our integrity and passion combined. I find that when you hire trustworthy people who genuinely care about their craft, they tend to produce amazing work. I suppose it doesn’t hurt that they’re all incredibly smart, talented and that a large chunk of them happen to hold master’s degrees and PhDs.

W3 Outstanding UX Design Award Winners

Digital innovation studio

How we define ourselves matters. While “premium software development” is very much a part of what we do, it no longer encompasses the extent of the work we do. If digital transformation is businesses keeping up with technology, we see digital innovation as staying ahead and leading the charge. And that requires a fair bit more than just writing code. It involves understanding your business, and how the technology integrates with your operations. It also relies on leveraging our experiences in helping with product ideation.

Old and new company logo

The studio part represents a place where work happens. Much like how we’re not just a software development shop, neither are we just a consulting company. There isn’t some third party we rely on for execution. We do it all ourselves under the same roof, 100% in house. It’s what gives us the ability to keep our promises.

Looking forward

We’re extremely excited about what’s to come. Thank you for joining us on this journey as we evolve from Two Tall Totems to TTT Studios. Remember to keep an eye out for messages from our new email domain ( Stay updated on our blog! We spend a lot of time sharing our learnings as we push into new technologies. If you don’t already, follow us on social media so you don’t miss any updates.

If you’d like to connect with us to let us know what you think of our new look, feedback is always appreciated.