How to give designers meaningful feedback

It’s hard to know how to approach the feedback process when collaborating with a Designer. In this blog, experienced TTT Designer Ann Kang gives valuable tips on how to build relationships and give meaningful feedback.

What happens when a TTT employee dies

iOS & Android Developer Mitchell Ganton talks about why collaborative coding is so important. As an instructor, mentor and from his many years of experience working in the industry, he has some key advice to give new developers. Read all about it in this issue of “Confessions of a Developer”.

The most difficult project I’ve ever worked on – Part Two (Technical Learnings)

In Part two of this blog series, Senior iOS Developer Felipe Pena talks about the technical learnings from the most difficult project he’s ever worked on. He talks about the frameworks and tools were chosen for the project, and some work arounds for issues developers often run into.

6 Reasons Why We Love Stand Up Meetings

If you don’t already do them, here are the reasons why your company should definitely adopt stand up meetings. 6 reasons in fact. What are the 6 reasons you ask? Well you’ll have to read on to find out.

On Collaboration And Community

Earlier this month we welcomed two visitors to the office – Stephen Sulzberger and Jarad Gilmore from Ice House Corp (based in San Francisco and Los Angeles). Lucky for us, they brought some California sunshine, so not only did we get a lot of work done, but we were also able to christen our new BBQ and kegerator, and