React Native libraries: Empty state & Carousel

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At TTT studios, we are firm believers in the importance of community and giving back. As our developers continue to create amazing work for our clients, they come across certain issues that other developers may encounter. With this in mind, we started to build libraries for other developers to help make their experience a better one. Our knowledge of React Native has allowed us to add two more libraries to our arsenal: React Native Carousel and React Native Empty State Package.

What is React Native Carousel?

React Native Carousel is a library TTT Studios created as a simple and low-effort way for developers to display images, videos or both in a carousel-like fashion. Login and signup screens are a critical component of almost every app as they are the first impression that users get. They can utilize a carousel of images and videos that help showcase the company’s brand and create an appealing visual experience, with the hopes of captivating the user. Sometimes implementing these images and transitions can be a hassle and by creating this library, we hope that other developers can save time and make their coding experience smoother. 

A dog transitioning into another picture.
Cross dissolve is an example of transitions used on log-in screens.

What is React Native Empty State?

The creation of the Empty Stage package was inspired by the empty screens that may appear if there is no data to show. For example, in an email app, if your inbox is empty, an empty (blank) screen may appear. Most applications show lists of content (data sets), which may turn out to be empty at one point, especially for new users with blank accounts. These empty screens leave the user confused about what to do, as the next step is unclear due to the lack of information. This package helps to solve the problem of creating an empty state screen that still shows the appropriate information to keep the user informed of what is going on.   

Four different apps showing information on their corresponding empty screens.
Even without any data to show, empty screens can provide info to the user.

Try it out!

You can check out the Empty State library here and the Carousel library here

Feel free to check out our other libraries that are available on Github. Let us know if you have any questions, the TTT team is always happy to help fellow developers.