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Project Status:

This project is not actively maintained anymore. If you’d like to contribute, we encourage you to fork this repository and improve it for the community.

With agile software development being all the rage nowadays, software developers are shifting their attention toward frequently delivering well-designed, working software within short timeframes. For mobile developers, this means minimizing clutter and reusing code wherever possible. That’s why we’ve created react-native-otp-input, a tiny JavaScript library that provides an elegant UI allowing users to input one time passcodes (OTP) on mobile apps. Current methods of OTP SMS verification are often limited to four text fields and are multi-step processes that involve the hassle of switching between apps. Our OTP input library improves upon this design by diversifying the customizability and automating the verification code input process. Rather than having the user switch between apps to view the verification code and then type in the numbers, our OTP input library is smart enough to allow the user to input the code with a single click.  

How does it work?

The gifs below demonstrate how our OTP input library works, with minor differences in iOS and Android.

OTP Input on iOS

OTP Input on Android

On iOS, the library autofills the verification code with a single click on the keyboard input suggestion once the OTP SMS notification is received. On Android, the library autofills the verification code input when the “copy” option in the SMS notification is pressed by the user.


Our OTP input library also allows developers to customize parameters that control the design and functionality of the UI. For example, you can choose the number of digits required in the pin code as well as tailor the appearance and style of the text fields to match your taste. For a complete tutorial on installation, basic usage, and customizable parameters, visit our GitHub, where you will also find the source code for the library.

Why did we choose to do this?

Due to its high engagement rate and global reach, SMS verification is becoming an increasingly attractive alternative to traditional platforms of user verification, such as email. Our mobile development team frequently encountered SMS verification requirements from clients as we were building their apps, so we decided to make the code reusable. From a developer’s standpoint, our library helps react native developers achieve a good user experience that is on par with native apps with minimum effort.

About the creators

 OTP Input library is published on NPM and developed by the mobile team of TTT Studios. Additionally, as strong believers in the adage “sharing is caring”, we encourage you to check out our blog on the open-source library we built for managing pagination in React Native. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have—our team is always happy to help!