On Collaboration And Community

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Earlier this month we welcomed two visitors to the office – Stephen Sulzberger and Jarad Gilmore from Ice House Corp (based in San Francisco and Los Angeles). Lucky for us, they brought some California sunshine, so not only did we get a lot of work done, but we were also able to christen our new BBQ and kegerator, and have a bacon and pancake breakfast…
Ice House Visit BBQ
Ice House and Two Tall Totems have partnered on numerous mobile development, iOS, and Android related projects for a variety of clients and industries around the world.  Over the years, Two Tall Totems has evolved systems for remote communication and collaboration that have been key to the success in delivering world class mobile and enterprise solutions.
Ice House was initially surprised to discover how culturally similar Vancouver is to California, and stated how much they enjoyed communicating over the same time zone.  They have said they can’t get a team nearly as qualified as Two Tall Totems for the same cost in San Francisco.  Win for both of us!
Ice House BBQ
Two Tall Totems has had clients remark on what differentiates us from all the other amazing mobile development companies out there.  The answer is simple: we have a full team of senior developers and designers with years of experience, we pride ourselves on delivering projects and meeting deadlines on time, we are design-centric, and we know from experience how to make projects successful with the right tools and methods.
Above all, we deliver a personal touch – we care about our clients and focus on making their dreams come true.
Past Projects
Something else that makes us stand out is our love of community.  Recently, our President Chris Hobbs gave some great insights at the July Tech Vancouver meet up on how to start that initial conversation.  It resonated throughout the crowd – who doesn’t want to know how to have a great, informative, and helpful conversation with someone who could potentially become your client, mentor, or even friend (more on that next week)?
Tech Vancouver & #OneBagChallenge
Our close ties with the industry here in Vancouver meant that we were amongst the first to be nominated to take part in the #OneBagChallenge when it made its way into Vancouver (thanks, Wavefront!).  To date there has been 16,000lbs of food donated from the challenge in Kelowna and Vancouver!  We passed on the challenge to a few of our friends in the community and I’m hopeful that the Greater Vancouver Food Bank will see many of us over the next few weeks.
What sort of community related events is your office involved in? I would love to hear your insights over Twitter at @TTT_Studios.