Meet our Totems – Vinson

Meet our totems Vinson Li
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For the month of April I would like to introduce the talented people who create the magic at Two Tall Totems. Day 16 is all about Vinson Li.

Vinson impresses me daily. He is very, very good at what he does. He is at the genius level of smart. He makes ZERO mistakes. He is a trusted professional and a natural leader. He is also a hell of a lot of fun. In fact, he has impressed Josephine, David, and I so much that he has recently become the 4th Totem in our executive team having assumed the role of VP Engineering. He has earned this position.
Vinson joined the TTT family just as he was completing his Masters in Mechanical Engineering at UBC. We were a team of less than 10 at this time and he looked so young compared to the rest of us. I remember his interview very well as he impressed me with his fantastic English (Vinson is originally from China) and his well thought out responses. We gave him a chance and assigned him his first app (Harbour Air). He built it much faster than we had expected. When we started the QA process something strange happened. None was required. The app was working perfectly and followed the design documents exactly. This almost never happens in the first pass. There is always a bug or 10 that needs squashing. But he hammered it in the first shot. We knew right away Vinson was a winner.
Vinson once joked to me that “Mamma Li didn’t accept anything but A+ for grades.” I know the truth though. Vinson doesn’t accept anything but A+ himself. He sets high expectations and it is evident in the disciplined manner he acts. He is prepared as if he already knows what the fates have planned for him. This drive for perfection sums up Vinson. He doesn’t do it unless he can do it perfectly…. and it is amazing how the things he touches turn out just that way.
I am excited about the future of TTT with Vinson running the engineering department. He has all of our staff’s’ respect and admiration. He is always quick to help the team with finding a solution and is open to all ideas. Since assuming his new title I have been impressed by his business instincts. He acts as if he has been at the helm of companies his whole life. It gives me great confidence in our decision to bring him into the inner circle of management as we are about to launch some moon shots. We wouldn’t be able to do this without Vinson’s leadership. His decisions will allow our company to grow while maintaining the high quality development our clients expect.
Vinson is a great friend and an equal. He gives the office the energy of a startup and aims to make our developers’  daily lives fun. I am really excited about the direction he will take us. Like Mamma Li, I have great confidence in his decisions and expect nothing from him but perfection.

Vinson Facts:
Title: VP Engineering
Apps worked on: CopyCat, DayJam, eDischarge, EquatePixels.comHarbour Air, Medical Practice Assistant(MPA), Mojio iOS SDK, MPE, Ping Identity iOS SDKSports Menu, StoneTether, Talking SIP, ThinkTogether Meeting, Xience, and MANY secret apps.
Languages spoken: Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka, and English
Favourite Programming language: Swift
Fun Fact: I am a mechanical engineer
Last book read: Clean Code

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