Meet Our Totems – Farzad

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Last week we introduced the very capable Mr. Vitor Pena, Director of Technology. Well, every Batman needs his Robin. This week, we’d like to introduce Farzad, our Full Stack Engineer. I definitely wrote this just to mess with Farzad. He’s nobody’s Robin. If anything, he’s probably more like Deadpool since he’s also the class clown of the office.
I sat down with him last week to learn more about what makes him tick.

Give us a little bit on your background/biography.

“I was born and raised in Iran till the ripe age of 7 years old.” Ripe age? Who says that? “My parents decided to immigrate to Vancouver in search of a better life and better education for me and my brother. While all my friends were quickly becoming interested in gaming (primarily CS 1.6), I started making in-game modifications and add-ons for fun. That’s how I started programming as a 10 year old in 5th grade.
You will notice that I’m a goofball, and don’t take anything too seriously (except work of course). As of yesterday, I officially have the coolest desk in the office.” He got a monitor stand. I thought it was interesting what some people like to consider “cool”, but I let him continue.
“I look forward to coming into work everyday because TTT’s got one of the best working environments I’ve ever encountered.”

What are some interesting things about yourself?

“Although I’m not great at doing handstands, I do them at the most inappropriate times and places. As a matter of fact, I did it at the office once, and I fell, and Chris or David (I forgot which one) thought there was an earthquake.
I also have surprisingly good flexibility for a chubby fella.”

What is your most memorable moment working here?

“The first day I came in to do the interview, David walked into the other room and Vitor had fixed some sort of bug that they’ve been struggling with for awhile. Dave gave Vitor the awkwardest hug ever, and I found it awesome.
There was also one stand up session where the question of the day was to perform your go-to dance move. Some notable performances was Vinson’s bus driver move, and of course my own signature show stopper “the worm” (see instagram).

What is your secret super power? (something you’re very good at, that not everyone knows)

“I can drink a lot of water quickly.” I thought about asking him to elaborate, but decided it was self explanatory.
“I also got 2nd place in the high kick competition in the office. (Mitch came in first)”

What do you enjoy working on the most?

“Anything backend related. The best part about programming is looking back at the finished product. It’s like building something with your hands, and creating something from scratch in the modern age. I also have a soft spot for security.”

What do you like to do in your free time?

“I like to hang out with my friends, and my girlfriend.
I watch a lot of TV shows. Right now I’m really digging The Walking Dead.
I like playing the social game, Mafia, I’m really good at it.

Bonus: Who do look up to?  (Who is your hero) Why?

“Vitor… Can we just leave it at that? It’ll be super funny.” Farzad and Vitor clearly have the same sense of humor.
“But no really, I look up to my parents and my brother. They’re awesome and they always seem to have all the answers to all the questions.”
Edit: I also have it on good authority from an anonymous source that rhymes with Mitor that Farzad watches some pretty sappy shows. (Seventh Heaven, Grey’s Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars, etc.)

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