Meet Our Totems – Dr. Anson Yao

Meet our totems: iOS Developer Anson Yao
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They say to always look out for the quiet ones! Our long time totem and iOS Developer, Anson Yao, has been working with us for around three years. Anson might not say much at first, but get him talking about grape juice and you’ll see him really come alive! But seriously, Anson is one of the smartest people at TTT, he’s a dream to work with, and is capable of tackling any task…not to mention the fact that he’s got a PhD. He also has some of the best and most surprising answers at standup meetings and the greatest smile. We are blessed to have such a smart, hardworking and kind hearted guy on our team.

Quick intro:

Position: iOS Developer
Favourite Programming Language: Swift and Javascript (he couldn’t pick between the two!)
Fun Fact: He eats bread with chopsticks.
Last Book Read: Clean Code by Robert Cecil Martin
Favourite Food: Rice. Either steamed or fried, but fried rice is better.

Tell us about yourself. What’s your story/background?

“I grew up in a central part of China and started engineering at the beginning of university. I moved to Vancouver in 2011 to study at UBC and got my PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering. With the emergence of mobile devices, I believed they could change people’s lives and I became very interested in this work.”

How did you end up at TTT? First Impressions?

“I was just graduating from UBC and started to look for a job. I had previously met Chris during a ViDIA meetup session at the Mojio office in 2015. Chris was the event organizer, and he was talking to everyone and was super friendly. My first impression of TTT was they had a very professional, efficient and agile team. People here are very welcoming and warm.”

What are some interesting things about yourself?

“I like to cook – noodles is the best thing I can cook! My wife and I like to go for walks in the park and travel together. The last place we went was Victoria. The dock there has some nice vendors and markets right by the water. There are also some cool concerts at the government buildings.”

What’s your most memorable moment working at TTT?

“Last year I was working on a project called Glyphoto. It was my second project at TTT and it was tough but very interesting. I was really inspired by the project and spent many hours learning and working on it. The app was featured in the app store and it was recommended by Apple’s editor. I was very dedicated to the project and learned a lot. This was when the iMessage has opened its own store. We built one of the first apps which can run on the iMessage platform, which was really exciting.
Also last summer we had a lot of bbqs out on the patio as team which was really great!”

What is your secret super power? (something you’re very good at, that not everyone knows)

“I sleep very well. No matter what, I can fall asleep immediately. I sleep so well I don’t have dreams. My wife is very jealous about this!” Me and her both.

What do you enjoy working on the most?

“Coding. Also collaboration with teammates.”

What do you like to do in your free time?

“I really like to work, but in my free time I like to watch Netflix. I also take walks in the park with my wife. I also try to look at different online libraries, and hang around at Github.”

Who do you look up to? (Who is your hero?) Why?

“Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, who also shot a lot of rockets into space. I look up to him because I agree with his vision of the future, building electric vehicles, and his push for automatic driving and exploring space. That’s what people should do, and there’s finally someone who is doing these things, that’s great!”

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