Let Me Introduce Myself!

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Happy Wednesday!
I’d like to quickly introduce myself as the newest member of the Two Tall Totems team and contributing author of the TTT blog. Since I’m kind of a fan of lists, in a nutshell…
Name:  Pauline Lee
Role:  Community & Events Manager
Date joined:  October 11th, 2016
Interests:  Gaming/Music
Favorite Games:  Chrono Trigger / Mass Effect / Monkey Island
Super Power:  Remembering lots of useless information
Kryptonite:  Celery
After spending two years in London, the land of minced pie and football, I came back to Vancouver in search of my next project. I am now just about finished adjusting to the stark contrast between the hectic rat race of Canary Wharf and the zen-ness of Downtown Vancouver (despite the storm last weekend).
I first met co-founders Chris and Dave at the TTT open house during Vancouver Startup week and from the very beginning, the passion was very apparent to me. The work culture and office environment here was exactly what I was looking for. After some shameless begging and bribery, I somehow found myself a part of the family.
I’m currently in the middle of my second week with Two Tall Totems. In my short time here I’ve already experienced everything from taking part in exciting new app development meetings, to getting hit on the forehead in a nerf gun battle (word of advice: don’t go with the bow and arrow). I’m sure there are many exciting things on the horizon. Maybe I’ll tell you all about it sometime.
Tweet us at @TwoTallTotems to let us know what type of content you’d like to see more!