The Story Behind a 45:1 Conversion Ratio

In the first ever “Confessions of a Designer”, talented UX/UI Designer Mark Wilson shares his experience with a successful case of user testing. Learn about his strategies when it comes to working with clients and the value of experimentation in design.

Chris Hobbs Provides Expert Commentary in Mobile App Survey Reports

TTT President Chris Hobbs recently teamed up with and The Manifest to analyze data on loyalty apps, peer-to-peer payment apps and navigation apps. Check out Chris’s insight on the various survey reports in a guest blog written by The Manifest!

Out-of-Box vs. Custom Software Solutions

Making the decision between out-of-box and custom software solutions is not easy. It requires a thorough analysis of the business problem and an informed assessment of the different options. In this blog, TTT’s VP Business Development Jose Hernandez shares his advice on which solution is best for your business.

The Problem with Modern Office Communication

Android Developer Jian Liew dives into his experiences with communication and the challenges that arise when working with Slack. He also explores the frustrations of an open concept workplace and shares three pieces of advice for those struggling with modern office communication.

Why You Should Consider Microservices When Building an App

What are microservices? What are the benefits they offer versus a classic monolithic service and when should we consider using them when developing an app? Farzad gives us all the details.

5 Steps To Deliver Projects On-Time And On-Budget

Recently, Two Tall Totems met several deadlines on various big projects, all within days of each other.  A project isn’t considered successful unless it’s on-time, and on-budget. But how do you go about making sure both criteria are met?