#BCTECH Summit recap

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This year’s #BCTECH Summit was an eventful two days packed with informative panels, captivating keynotes and plenty of interactive sessions.  Needless to say- we loved every single moment! TTT was set up in the Marketplace showcasing past projects, playing around with our AI demo and taking in all the innovation that BC Tech had to offer. So, without further ado, here’s a recap of our experience at Western Canada’s largest tech conference.

Memorable moments

One of our favourite moments included seeing all the work showcased by the Digital Technology Supercluster. The BC-born collaborative project exhibited a VR demo and presented two wonderful talks that gave conference attendees a chance to learn more about the organization’s goals of digital transformation. We also loved seeing so many young faces checking out the exhibitors and universities. Youth innovation Day happened on Wednesday, and brought along 2000 students interested in Technology and Innovation. When partnered with panels on university incubators and inspiring keynotes discussing the power of youth, the summit made it clear that BC is here to support young innovation.

Moreover, it was a pleasure to see that over 50% of the speakers at the summit were women. Diversity is one of TTT’s strongest values, so we always appreciate learning more about how the tech sector can benefit from inclusion. Overall, the panels we attended made us think critically about the rapidly evolving workplace, and understand the power of investing in women-led enterprises.

Another highlight of the summit was mingling with fellow tech-obsessed folks. It’s always a pleasure to be part of such an innovative crowd at the forefront of new technology. With over 180 exhibitors, the Summit was definitely a perfect place for inspiration.  Just walking around and chatting with our neighbours was a treat, and we were pleasantly surprised by the amount of inventive ideas and companies being showcased. Rest assured, there is definitely no shortage of tech and entrepreneurial talent here in the west coast.

The TTT experience

To top it all off, our artificial intelligence project Amanda was a hit! Summit goers had fun testing Amanda’s facial recognition capabilities and participating in our Apple HomePod Giveaway. The system was able to read badges, predict age and emotion, as well as remember familiar faces. The giveaway we were hosting involved badge-holders being recognized by Amanda and rising up the ranks of the TTT “Special Forces”. We’ll be announcing the winner on a facebook LIVE event on Friday May 18th at 11:30 am, so be sure to tune in if you participated!

Having Amanda with us at the conference was a great opportunity to show the caliber of innovation coming from TTT. Amanda was created in the TTT office by some developers and engineers with a passion for AI. It was exciting to see the Amanda demo have such high engagement and positive reaction at the summit. It just goes to show all the potential a passion project can have. We’re already brainstorming ideas for Amanda, and we think it’s got quite a bright future.

We also had a wonderful time showcasing our past projects. We chatted about our work with FortisBC, Yervana, Revols, MortgageBOSS and VRify. The TTT team is super proud of all these technologies and apps, so we loved answering everyone’s questions about our involvement in their development.

Cheers to innovation

For yet another year, BC Tech Summit did not fail to wow us. We met some wonderful talent, participated in some inspiring talks and ate some delicious meals. We’d like to thank BC Innovation Council for all their hard work putting on such a vibrant event. #BCTECH Summit continues to be the ideal place for showcasing talent and encouraging innovation, and we can’t wait to be part of it again next year.