A Magical Gift from TTT

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Tis the season for giving and in this light we at Two Tall Totems created an immersive VR Christmas app for our friends and family to enjoy. Lately we have been creating many magical VR experiences and wanted to have some fun for the holidays. We challenged ourselves to build something unique and festive within two weeks. To get the team into the holiday spirit, we drank many glasses of eggnog and chomped down a stocking full of Christmas cookies before we began the creation process.
Feeling as full as Santa, we started to imagine one of our favourite totems, Bear, as he stumbles into YOUR magical Christmas cabin in his attempt to escape the blizzard that’s brewing outside. Watch from his point of view as Bear looks around your cabin curiously, and rummages through your belongings (sometimes even changing a couple of your things around). It’s a case of Goldilocks and the three bears except the bear invades your home.


Enter a 360 degrees magical Christmas world you can customize and share with your friends and family this holiday season. Log into Facebook and the app will personalize your cabin by hanging your photos from last Christmas on the walls. Furthermore you can change the picture by clicking one of the frames and replacing it with a picture taken by your camera from your photo album. I recommend finding holiday pictures of your friends and family and then share your very own 360 experience with them on Facebook. Pure Magic!