New office, new beginnings!

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Once again, Two Tall Totems has outgrown its office space. We’ve moved to #1200-777 Dunsmuir Street,  and will be sitting pretty on the 12th floor!

Vancouver buildings and skytline
The gorgeous view from our new Dunsmuir office

TTT has had a memorable two years at our old space. We’ll miss the outdoor yoga, the patio parties and all the laughs we’ve shared. What we won’t miss however, is never being able to find an empty meeting room.

Two small dogs in moving box
The office pups getting ready for the big move

Luckily, the new office has triple the meeting spaces, one of them being the size of a large living room. In fact, the whole office is way more spacious, with a full kitchen, dining area and event zone that holds 150 people. We’re even across from the KPMG ignition centre, a unique environment that encourages technological creativity.

Our sweet new space starting to come together

We’re still in the process of decorating, but the space is already starting to feel like home. The TTT team is super excited to see the new office come together and everyone is eager to lend a helping hand. This move, however stressful, is a great reminder of how hard working and upbeat our team is. Admittedly, it’s also pretty easy to manage moving-related stress with our new massage chair.

group of people assembling a desk
The TTT crew hard at work setting up the new office

Picking the office, renovating the space and moving in has made us realize just how much we’ve grown. TTT started off in a tiny closet sized office. Now (humble brag), we’re sitting on the 12th floor of a building adjacent to Holt Renfrew, overlooking the downtown skyline. What started off as a three person affair is now a tight knit team of 36, each person bringing unparalleled passion and expertise.

Receptionist wearing dinosaur head
Some things never change – like our love for wearing dinosaur heads

We’re really proud of how far we’ve come and we’re thrilled to make this new space our own. TTT has had an impressive journey over the past eight years, but really we’re just getting started. This new office marks a new beginning and allows us to do more of what we do best: amazing software.