Introducing our new CEO: Jose Hernandez

Blog banner with headshot of Jose As CEO of TTT Studios
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As the spoilers in the title suggests, we have a very exciting announcement to make today at TTT Studios.

After 3 years as VP of Business Development, where he expanded our client base, helped us achieve operational maturity and become the company we are today, Jose Hernandez will be stepping into the role of CEO. At only 33 years of age, Jose brings with him a wealth of experience from a wide range of areas which include creating digital products and establishing and managing successful sales teams. With a Law degree from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City and a Masters of Business Administration from UBC, Jose possesses the leadership, strategy and negotiation skills required to take TTT Studios to new heights.

TTT Partners Chris, David, Josephine and Vinson were thrilled to welcome him into the new role. In Chris’ words, “Since joining TTT Studios in 2016, Jose has helped us professionalize our services offering, compartmentalizing every department’s responsibilities to enable innovation and creativity to be the driving force behind our software. These process improvements have also helped TTT Studios secure household enterprise customers and promising start-ups, putting our software in the hands of millions of users.”

Under Chris’ leadership, TTT Studios has grown from a mobile-only development agency to a full-serviced Digital Innovation Studio. Our founders sculpted this company from the ground up, shaping a team and establishing a culture that fuels creativity and learning. They created a powerhouse of innovation and attracted top talent from all over the world and led to us being recognized as the top developer in Canada. As CEO, Jose will continue that vision, and help propel us towards our mission of building software that impacts a billion lives.

About the announcement, Jose says, “I can’t thank Chris, David, Josephine, and Vinson enough for giving me the opportunity to lead such a talented and diverse team. We have big and bold goals for the near future and thanks to everyone’s hard work, we are perfectly positioned to attain them. On the services side, we are now at a point where we can choose the projects that will have the most impact. While on products, we continue to move forward with a dedicated team pushing our state of the art facial recognition technology with Amanda AI.”

As Founding Partner and President, Chris will continue to represent us at events, and volunteer in all of TTT’s philanthropic and charitable related initiatives. He will guide the leadership team as a mentor while spearheading new enterprises.