we're TTT.

TTT is a Vancouver-based award-winning Digital Innovation Studio focused on building custom software for more than 200 clients around the world. We work with industry leaders and disruptors who have ambitious goals and see value in re-shaping their businesses through technology.

Our mission

To solve business problems with intuitive and creative solutions.

Our vision

To create software that impacts a billion lives.


We understand that custom software development can sometimes seem like a mysterious black box. At TTT, we eliminate those ambiguities and demonstrate transparency and honesty in our projects by engaging and working with the client at every step along the way.


At TTT, our love for tech is poured into everything that we do. We use technology to solve problems and accelerate our client’s growth. We’re driven and invested in creating valuable and elegant solutions that make us proud.


We’re obsessed with delivering quality work. Our process is streamlined to achieve seamless user-centered design experiences, while our code is built and tested to meet the highest standards. Our hunger for continuous process improvements expands our experience and provides our team with an unparalleled ability to deliver.

Our leadership

Our leadership team leads by example demonstrating a never ending curiosity and rigor. From steering the company’s strategic direction to supporting our team in crafting successful solutions- they embody our core values. They constantly push the boundaries of technology and creativity to drive business impacts for clients.

Headshot of CEO Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez Castilla
Headshot of TTT President Chris Hobbs
Chris Hobbs
President / Co-Founder
Headshot of VP Operations David Hobbs
David Hobbs
VP Operations / Co-Founder
Headshot of VP Design Josephine Wong
Josephine Wong
VP Design / Co-Founder
Headshot of UX Director Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson
UX Director
Headshot of Director of Engineering & Lead Architect, Sahil Shirodkar
Sahil Shirodkar
Director of Engineering & Lead Architect
Headshot of Lead Web Developer Gokul Raj
Gokul Raj
Lead Web Developer
Emma Konrad.
Emma Konrad
Senior Product Manager

Our culture

Our team is the core of our success. At TTT, we take pride in fostering a culture of openness and passion for our team. We empower our team to take ownership of their work and ensure we only create the highest quality solutions for our clients. We also strongly believe in community and consistently participate in local and international events as speakers, educators, and sponsors.

Aside from solving business challenges, you can almost always see our furry friends in the office. Be sure to say hi when you see our four-legged companions!