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Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Teekay is one of the largest commercial marine transportation companies in the world. Their vessel pool management platform, The Helm, is a dashboard built to provide clients and partners with visibility over all Teekay vessels. Using the platform, they can get real-time visibility of all vessel pool fixtures, receive daily market reports, view current and past voyage data, and download monthly pool reports.

The problem

The first version of The Helm was designed with a limited set of functionalities in order to validate the concept of a dashboard for Teekay partners. TTT Studios built a new and improved version based on user feedback to help Teekay meet their partners’ needs.

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The Helm Phase II

On top of the current dashboard, Phase II of The Helm is a more comprehensive platform that comes with additional features, ease of use and extra visual elements.

Single Sign-on

For Phase II, TTT migrated the on-premise local user accounts over to Azure Active Directory, providing internal users with Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities. This gave users the convenience of using their Azure accounts for easy access, and extra security by requesting user authentication from Microsoft’s services.

New Admin Capabilities

Adding to the existing system, we added new and more thorough options for reporting. Within user preferences, users are now able to choose to receive email notifications on updates and customize their dashboard.

Teekay Pool

The Helm dashboard allows partners to select separate pools (fleet of vessels), and view corresponding data such as voyage information and revenue projections for each group. Adding to this dashboard, we created and implemented a new higher level pool called “Teekay” where internal users can view aggregate data on all of the pools and have greater visibility on Teekay vessels as a whole.


We provided users with options for more detailed reporting. For convenience, we also added automated monthly reports that can be downloaded and viewed in offline mode.


Apart from new features, we also reworked the website such that any amount of pools could be generated, viewed and customized on command.

Teekay internal settings

Teekay home page

Teekay market daily suezmax

Teekey stats screen

In short

We migrated their current internal users over to Azure Active Directory giving them single sign-on capabilities.

We built Phase II of The Helm for Teekay, giving their partners higher visibility over vessel pools, and better reporting capabilities.

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