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MortgageBOSS dashboard UI design


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The Mortgage Alliance Company (TMACC) is a subsidiary of the M3 Mortgage Group, which is the undisputed industry leader in mortgage brokerage across Canada. Controlling over 40% of the broker market, it has over 6,000 brokers and deals with $44 billion in loan volumes each year.

TMACC’s widely used cloud-based management platform MortgageBOSS™ enables mortgage brokers to build their business, run campaigns and conduct their day-to-day operations all from one single portal. Main features of the platform include a full CRM system, payroll, email communication, audit compliance, reporting, expense management, and document storage.


Web and backend transformation

Cloud-based system

CRM management system

Day-to-day business operation

The challenge

The Mortgage Alliance Company had its growth hindered by legacy software that no longer met its needs.

Graph showing number of accepted deals throughout the year

An aging system

Due to its success and an increase in demand, MortgageBOSS™ needed to be able to handle large volumes of workload and be brought up to date with modern technological standards. The platform was just over 10 years old, and was consuming a lot of development time which made it expensive to maintain. TMACC has outgrown MortgageBOSS 4.0 and needed a system that gave it scalability and better performance. It needed a system that was optimized, easier to navigate, robust and compatible with new software. This is how VP Sales, Support & User Experience, Christa Mitchell, described it.
Boss is 10 years old. It did everything functionally, but it was starting to look its age. We wanted to add some enhanced workflows and things that can help the brokers be more efficient. There have been a lot of changes in the mortgage world. We wanted to work on a more defined deal workflow and campaigns. We needed to set up processes and systems like big banks so they can compete.

Christa Mitchell

VP Sales, Support & User Experience

MortagageBOSS platform UI bar graph design

How we helped

TTT Studios fully revamped MortgageBOSS 4.0, allowing TMACC to offer their brokers a quality platform and focus on continued growth.

Analysis + consultation

To fully understand the tools and environment we were working with, our developers performed a thorough analysis on the current state of the platform. After diving into the code, and talking to the team, we looked at where the biggest opportunities were, and devised a workflow with a list of priorities.
TTT created a personalized service plan that helped streamline our business needs and prepare us for the future. We really appreciate the time they continue to dedicate in helping our technology platform, MortgageBOSS move forward.

Christa Mitchell

VP Sales, Support & User Experience

MortgageBOSS platform integration chart

Optimization + integration

Before we could upgrade MortgageBOSS 4.0 to 5.0, we needed to maintain the existing system. We created a mechanism allowing for backwards compatibility so that the integration from old to new would be seamless. To achieve this, we dived into the existing complex data structures that have built up over a decade to get a deeper understanding. We took out the fields that were redundant or no longer being used, and put a structure in place that was consistent and maintainable.

Updated security features

Due to the nature of the industry, a lot of confidential information is stored on the MortgageBOSS platform. As such, security is a high priority for TMACC and they have emphasized the necessity for keeping user information safe.

Our developers proposed a list of features to reinforce this and achieved a robust level of security for the platform. To ensure the right eyes are accessing the information, we also recommended and implemented two-factor authentication.

MortgageBOSS deals screen with examples of users
MortgageBOSS Loading time comparison chart showing significant a decrease in loading times

Increased efficiency

After the revamp, brokers using the MortgageBOSS platform experienced a significant increase in software usability. Loading times and processing speeds increased across the platform. Examples of the most common tasks being performed include logging in, opening deals, and loading contact lists. After the optimizations, login times went from 10-15 seconds down to 1-2 seconds. Simple tasks like loading contact lists went from 8-10 seconds to 2-3 seconds. Users experienced a drastic increase in speed and efficiency across the entire platform. Brokers are able to spend way less time filling out forms on the platform, and more time in the field speaking to clients.
I can’t say enough about the staff of TTT. The service they’ve provided our business is the absolute best. Always prompt, always professional and always proactive. The developers really took the time to understand our business and its unique IT needs and helped us immensely by offering their personal time to meet deadlines when needed. We couldn’t ask for a more passionate group of people to work with and with so many smart, talented people, the future of BOSS 5.0 is very bright!

Christa Mitchell

VP Sales, Support & User Experience

In short…

TTT Studios revamped the MortgageBOSS platform, transforming their legacy systems and significantly increasing performance by up to 10 times.
Acting as consultants, TTT Studios advised the MortgageBOSS team on system maintenance, security updates, and “future-proofing” the platform.
TTT Studios successfully implemented and delivered MortgageBOSS 5.0 within the tight time-frame and budget.

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