IoT + Smarthome

Picture of a pink google mini used for IoT
IoT + Smarthome

The Internet of Things presents an enormous opportunity to transform the way we live and do business. McKinsey’s Global Institute predicts IoT will have an economic impact of between $4 trillion and $11 trillion by 2025.

The connected world

We’re currently at a tipping point for IoT adoption in the consumer market according to a study conducted by DBS Bank.

With the increased connectivity of devices, comes the opportunity to automate processes and capture new revenue streams. While there’s a lot of buzz surrounding consumer markets, much of the benefits to be gained from IoT technology comes from the enterprise space.

IoT adoption rates
Iot adoption gaining momentum

IoT Information is power

Information is power

Data collected from smart devices can provide visibility into business operations, allowing for optimization, transformation, and streamlining of operations.

Leverage our expertise in hardware

For the “Internet of Things” to work, the software has to integrate seamlessly with the “thing” it’s connected to. We have developers who hold advanced degrees in mechanical engineering, and specialize in making things work.

Emphasis on security

As devices become more connected, security starts becoming more of an issue. Secure software development and secure integration needs to be a consideration from the very beginning. A device that seems simple and trivial could be the entry point for an attack. In our ever increasingly connected world, security is no longer a luxury or an add-on feature, it’s a necessity.

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Our IoT Projects

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