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Custom blockchain development

With the initial craze out of the way, we can get to the real applications behind blockchain technology.


There are many factors to consider before applying blockchain technology to your business. Below is a flowchart known as the Suichies model to help you assess the need.

Flowchart of whether or not to use blockchain

Blockchain applications

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Asset management

Blockchain technology has the power to transform the asset management industry. It provides an incredibly secure way to store and access data with immutable record tracking through a decentralized database.

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Supply chain management

Provide traceability and transparency in the process of a product or supply chain. Gain the ability to verify and track the flow of goods from the origin of raw materials, to the flow and geo-movement of its distribution.

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Event tracking

Keep an immutable record of events that occur like medical prescriptions/procedures, ticket purchases, or other significant transactions. This allows for greater control and transparency of transactions for audits and compliance purposes.

Luxxfolio: a case study

Luxxfolio is an asset management platform where users can keep a portfolio of their luxury goods. Their assets are recorded and stored on a ledger using blockchain technology. We built the iOS and Android app users can use to manage their luxury products.

Visit Luxxfolio:

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Blockchain technologies we work with

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The records may be immutable, but the technology itself isn’t infallible. Have a chat with us and see if Blockchain technology is suitable for your business.