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In a digital world that is no longer restricted to screens, AR/VR technology is quickly becoming less of a novelty and more of a standard in business operations. Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research projects the AR/VR market to be valued at $95 billion by 2025.

Disrupting tradition

Consumer-driven markets have traditionally dominated AR & VR adoption. However, as AR/VR technology continues to mature, enterprise and public sector use cases are staged to comprise 40% of the industry’s total revenue.

2025 VR/AR estimates by use case

Source: Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research

AR and VR revenue estimates by use case for the year 2025
Videogames – $11.6bn Live events – $4.1bn Video entertainment – $3.2bn Military – $1.4bn Engineering – $4.7bn Healthcare – $5.1bn Education – $0.7bn Real estate – $2.6bn Retail – $1.6bn Source: Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research 2025 VR/AR estimates by use case

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Augmented Reality

Enrich the user experience by overlaying computer-generated elements on top of the real-world environment.

3D visualization

Showcase virtual products in a real world environment and empower customers to personalize their shopping experience.

Remote services

Integrate AR into workflow to boost workforce efficiency by allowing experts to provide interactive remote support to clients.

Augmented learning + display

Working with AI, detect and recognize objects and display relevant and useful information for users in real time.

Close up of Virtual Reality Motion sensors being held and used

Virtual Reality

Provide a truly immersive experience for users.

Simulation-based training

Empower employees to learn and train in a simulated environment and receive real-time feedback.


Enable long-distance meetings, conferences, and collaboration.

Virtual tours

Build a network of transparency between stakeholders by allowing remote visibility over facilities and assets.

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