UX & UI Design

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UX & UI Design


Every decision we make is informed and goal oriented with the user journey in mind. Designing with a purpose is so much more than just pleasing aesthetics.

Our methodology

Communication is key

We work closely with you and the development team through the entire process so there are no surprises. Our designers are masters of communication through great design that speaks for itself.

Iterative design

We gather feedback at every stage of the process enabling us to build a strong foundation in the early stages and be agile in implementing changes for constant improvement.

Research + user testing

We make informed decisions based on facts, not instinct. While we have our experience to rely on, every project is unique and constant user testing is the truest way to achieve the optimal user experience.

Our design process


We sit down with you to discuss your business goals and your target audience. We determine the problems you are trying to solve, and together, we define the key features of the app/software you’re trying to build.

Research + project estimation

Once we discuss your requirements, we create a step-by-step document that allows you to see all the tasks involved in the project and how long they will take to complete. We conduct some preliminary research on the industry and the competitive landscape of the app/software we are building, and create a mindmap.

UX wireframes

Design starts with pen and paper. We craft your vision into sketches that give you a first glimpse of the software’s features and functionality. We then move into digital pixels; our designers’ software expertise allows them to create backbones that reflect the complete user experience, while complying with all the engineering requirements.

UI application

The last piece is adding color. We provide you with mockups that showcase exactly how your application will look and feel before we have coded any 0’s or 1’s.

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Our UX & UI Design Projects

iOS and web app Yervana


A marketplace app that allows you to find your next adventure
Revols mobile app soundscape UI screen with bluetooth earphones next to phone


The interactive app behind the revolutionary custom molding earphones
Virtual reality android mining app VRify on mobile, desktop, and google daydream goggles


Explore mining projects through VR, see up-to-date news and publications, and interact directly with mining experts
Sengled IoT lightbulb and iOS app


Real-time security with smart object identification