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Data expertise

From setting up frameworks and architectures, to data management, we have you covered. We apply the customizations and configurations best suited to your needs while helping you stay compliant with privacy & security regulations.

Data model design

Data models are progressive, and should evolve alongside your business. With your current and future needs in mind, we can select, update and put in place a data model that best supports your operational business processes.

Database optimization

We customize and configure your database to achieve maximum performance, making the system more efficient to use.

Data visualization

Data is only useful when meaning can be derived from it. We can design our own, or integrate with existing data visualization platforms to transform your data into information.

Big data infrastructure setup

Processing big data requires a system built to handle volume. Our specialists can advise on and help put the structures in place to handle big data.

Legacy database migration

We can help you make the move to a cloud managed environment such as AWS or Azure.

Database technologies & vendors we work with

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In addition to implementing military grade encryption, password & firewall protection, we define access control policies to ensure the data is only accessible by the authorized entities.


The systems we build are designed to be resilient and fault-tolerant. We have a track record of delivering solutions that have high availability.


We implement systems so that they can accommodate growth and an increase in capacity. We build with the future in mind.

Server stack

Authorization + privacy

Our Engineers and Security experts are well versed in keeping private user data safe. We have experience working with medical and financial organizations with strict security requirements, and can help you become HIPAA or GDPR compliant.


We can design many different kinds of architectures depending on your needs. We understand that change is inevitable in the world of technology and can entertain requests to adapt to a shift in business requirements.

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