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Benjamin is a backend developer at TTT Studios. He has over 3 years of experience in software development. Over the years, Ben has turned designs and concepts into practical and reliable software solutions. This has included research in digital services, database design, building test suites, and writing software. Recently, Ben has helped two teams deliver web and mobile applications to clients at TTT Studios. His care and attention to detail help bring clients’ visions into reality.

Diana is a UX/UI designer with 3+ years of motion, product and agency experience. Coming from an Industrial Design background, she leverages her knowledge of research and design methodologies to create friendly and seamless experiences. Outside of design, she enjoys prop-making and exploring the great outdoors.

Pratt is a Mobile Developer with 4+ years of experience in software development. For the last two years, he’s been primarily working with React Native. He is passionate about developing intricate User Experiences and writing highly readable & optimized code. Grouse Mountain is Pratt’s second home, you can find him doing the Grouse Grind during summers and snowboarding during winters.

Joy is a UX/UI designer with 10+ years of experience in the design industry. For the last 5 years, she's been working with digital products. With an art direction background, her mission is to make people's lives easier using technology and design. When she's not at the office, you can find her with friends playing video games.

Lulu is a Marketing and Public Relations professional with 7+ years of agency and in-house experience. She has been recognized by creative organizations such as Circulo de Oro and SABRE for her events and campaigns worldwide. She is motivated by her passion for telling stories and elevating brand presence. Her critical thinking and relationship-building skills drive her to create integrated communications marketing initiatives that make a difference – for business, people, and culture. She enjoys boxing, dancing, and exploring Vancouver one restaurant at a time in her free time.

Christina is a UX/UI designer with 3+ years of agency and design experience. Coming from a graphic design background, she leverages her visual skills to create a curated experience for the user. Outside of design, she enjoys practicing latte art and playing with her dog.