Technical Artist

Department: Engineering
Employment Type: Full Time

Company Profile

TTT Studios is a digital innovation studio working for a global client list in multiple industries. Over the past decade, we’ve built numerous applications and patented a portfolio of technologies. This experience has put us in the best position to cater to larger accounts and launch our own products. As a company, our culture is extremely important to us, and we foster an open and welcoming environment for everyone on our team.

We understand that success comes from sweating the details. Carefully considered design—whether in our user interface work, technical architectures, or project management processes—is at the core of everything we do. We expect amazing things from each other, and through tight collaboration, we achieve greatness.

Role Summary – Technical Artist

We are looking for a well-rounded Technical Artist – one who has experience with many of the various skills needed when developing a real-time 3D application. The ideal candidate should be able to collaborate with engineers, designers and artists and be able to create the solutions needed to assist each of those disciplines. They should be able to own their work, help others with the variety of solutions that entail a TA role, and be eager to learn new methods and tools in order to grow. We are looking for a minimum of 2 years of professional work as a TA.


  • Designing and developing workflows, pipelines and tools for projects, DCC, and teams.
  • Integrating assets provided by art/design and implementing the features associated with them.
  • Developing solutions to incorporate real-world assets and data into real-time applications.
  • Research and experimenting with groundbreaking technologies, pioneering new techniques to match the constantly evolving demands of our clients and the industry.
  • Collaborating in small teams to ship client projects on a variety of platforms, including desktop, AR and VR headsets, mobile, WebGL, and more.
  • Working directly with clients, developers, designers, artists, and management both locally and remotely.

Ideal Skills/Qualifications

  • Experience developing with the Unity Editor at a high level.
  • Solid understanding of one or more 3D creation suites (Maya, Blender, etc).
  • Experience and technical understanding of 3D model optimization and performance.
  • Experience with art production workflows such as modelling, texturing, rigging, animation, or lighting with HDRP/URP.
  • Intermediate skill with C# or another programming language.
  • Familiarity with Shader graphs and/or Shader HLSL.
  • Experience in shipping interactive real-time applications or games.

Hiring Process

  • Complete this application and include your CV. Please provide references.
  • If your profile matches what we are looking for, we’ll contact you and set up a short video call.
  • After the initial screening, we will set up an interview at our office or via video conference. We’ll talk about your experience and answer your questions about TTT Studios.
  • Technical interview with the project team. We will ask specific questions about how you would conduct certain development processes and challenges as a TA and various use cases or experiences in your career so far.
  • The team will review the interview results, and we will come to a decision.

A Day at TTT Studios

The work culture at TTT is second to none. On arrival, head to the kitchen for your daily caffeine fix before joining the team in our open-plan office space. Once you’ve settled in, our engineering team will onboard you with our development processes and technical standards. Equipped with the tools you need, get ready to jump into action.

Our clients operate across a wide range of industries that span from tourism to game development, AR/VR, and communications. For every project you take on, you’ll encounter intellectually stimulating and impactful technical challenges that keep you on your toes. For an idea of some of the projects we’ve taken on in the past, check out our case studies.

As you work, keep your eyes peeled for our office dogs, who will trot by and welcome you to the TTT family.

To help combat work stress, our perks include work flexibility, monthly happy hours, lunch & learns, weekly yoga & boxing lessons, and a cozy massage chair overlooking Vancouver’s scenic waterfront. The team at TTT is passionate about creating software that impacts lives, and management does everything it can to plant the seeds that will propel you to greater heights.

More from Us

TTT Studios is an award-winning digital innovation studio focused on empowering businesses through technology. We’re ranked #1 in Canada for custom software and mobile application development. Our values are integrity, passion, and excellence. We’re obsessed with delivering quality work, which is why our team consists of designers and engineers of the highest calibre. We also strongly believe in empowering the community by being heavily involved in local and international events as speakers, educators, and sponsors.

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