Face the future: A brief introduction of Amanda AI

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Over the past year, Two Tall Totems has been working on something special.
We observed the advancement of AI and computer vision in the North American market and thought: why can’t Two Tall Totems join in on the innovation? After all, TTT’s team is comprised of visionaries and several facial recognition experts that know exactly how to make machine learning magic happen. With Artificial Intelligence in its early stages, we are eager to make AI more accessible…

…starting with Amanda AI.

A smarter receptionist

Visitors are often lost when they enter an office without a receptionist. They might be there for an important meeting, but they don’t know who to talk to or where to turn. Even when there is a receptionist present, this person is frequently busy with phone calls or other urgent tasks. Amanda AI changes this hectic landscape.
Amanda is a facial recognition app that signs in, notifies and keeps a record of anyone that comes through an office front door. It makes things simple and modern for an office with a busy receptionist (or no receptionist at all).

With Amanda, receptionists can alleviate their workload and visitors can easily navigate their way to a meeting. An AI Receptionist also impresses guests thanks to its high tech appearance and interactive display. Amanda is a big asset to any office looking to modernize their front desk – here’s how:

Office sign in made simple

Once registered, your visitors only need their face to sign in. This makes office visits simple and straightforward – no passwords or explanations required.

Sync with your calendar and notify your co-workers

Amanda integrates with your existing infrastructure to notify that a visitor has arrived, through either text, email or a calendar invite. So not only does it adapt to existing processes, it makes them more streamlined.

Capture valuable visitor information

Amanda displays all its visitor information in an easy to use admin panel, making the data accessible and user-friendly.

amanda ai

Our unique facial recognition technology

Amanda’s underlying facial recognition technology is one that surpasses many industry expectations of what AI can do. We’re proud of what we have accomplished with this technology and we’re even more proud to call it ours.

Data privacy

Our facial recognition software stores only mathematical representation of faces, since we know that privacy is not just a priority – it’s a necessity.

Anti spoofing

The technology behind our AI makes it immune to photo or video replay attack, allowing users to feel secure implementing our software.

Incredible accuracy

The main complaint with modern AI is it’s flaws with accuracy. Our technology is different – it offers 99.8% accuracy.

The twin test

The best way to show off Amanda is through a Twin Test. TTT Co-Founders Chris and David Hobbs happen to be twins – completely identical, indistinguishable twins. Most people and most facial recognition systems (including Apple’s Face ID) can’t tell them apart, but as for Amanda? Well, you can see for yourself.

An innovative path

Although we’re still in the early stages of our AI journey, we’re passionate about all the innovation that’s to come. AI brings forward so many new opportunities and it’s no doubt that we have the resources and the drive to make any dreams of innovation into a reality. TTT is on the brink of some exciting projects and it all starts with Amanda. To feed your curiosity, check out amanda-ai.com and sign up for early access.

We think it’s time to face the future, literally.