Transportation management with modern software

Software upgrades in the transportation industry have the potential to not only cut costs and optimize operational efficiency in management and maintenance, but also improve the user experience in public transportation and charter services. Leverage our team’s extensive experience in design and development to help you drive business growth.

Our expertise

GPS tracking

Track vehicles, vessels, and aircraft in real time to optimize routes, dispatch fleets during peak hours, and give customers access to accurate ETAs.

Scheduling system

Implement an interactive scheduling software solution that manages assets and labour to prevent overextending resources and ensure health and safety standards.

Asset management

Leverage an asset management system to keep tabs on important vehicle attributes such as location, condition, and fuel status. Receive SMS, email, or push notifications when high-value resources are moved beyond established geofences.

Business intelligence dashboard

Visualize key data on a central dashboard that grants visibility over logistics, market reports, revenue projections, and other important insights tailored to your preferences. 

User experience

In addition to management and maintenance software solutions, our team can create client-facing mobile apps that allow customers to conveniently book and manage trips, check trip status, receive notifications, and manage reward accounts in one convenient location.

Categories we serve

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Public transportation

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Fleet management

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Charter services

picture of a green traffic light with sunset in background

Traffic management

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Car and vehicle rentals

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