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Build the future of retail

To stay competitive, building a user-friendly online presence is paramount to achieving high engagement rates. Leverage our technical expertise to drive business growth in this new digital age. 

Our expertise

Artificial Intelligence

Capitalize on our expertise in artificial intelligence to personalize product recommendations according to your customers’ preferences and automate your retail workflow to save time and lower operating expenses. 

Backend integration

Synchronize your e-commerce solution with existing CRM, ERP, marketing automation, accounting, inventory management, and POS applications to streamline business procedures and improve operational efficiency.

Augmented Reality

Enrich your user experience by allowing customers to visualize products in a real world environment before making purchase decisions.

Web and mobile development

As the number of mobile e-commerce users continues to climb, your business will need both web and mobile platforms to bring value to end-users. Our team houses engineers specialized in web, Android, and iOS who will help you create software that runs seamlessly across all platforms.


Slow loading times drastically increase website bounce rate. We can help you optimize your e-commerce website through best practices including code optimization, image optimization, cloud optimization, and browser caching.


To protect you from data breaches, our developers follow secure coding practices to build robust software.

Categories we serve

merchandise laid out on pink background


Build enterprise-level e-commerce stores with functionalities tailored to your needs

mockup of yervana app on mobile and desktop

Online marketplace

Create multi-seller platforms that scale with your growing user base

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Our Featured Projects

iOS and web app Yervana


A marketplace app that allows you to find your next adventure
Pixels augmented reality app preview screen of artwork


Preview artwork on your wall using augmented reality