Why an event like Vancouver Startup Week is so important for our tech community

The Importance of events like Vancouver Startup Week
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How do you cultivate innovation in Vancouver’s tech community?
Easily. With an event like Vancouver Startup week.

Vancouver Startup Week took place last month and brought together entrepreneurs, investors, community leaders, and friends for one engaging week, celebrating Greater Vancouver’s innovation and technology community.

It was a week that not only highlighted what Vancouver’s tech community has to offer, but developed a sense of camaraderie, innovation and vibrancy within our hub. Events like this are exactly what Vancouver’s most inventive minds need to get their creative and technical juices flowing. There’s a reason why VSW was so successful and continues to be an integral event in our community. Scratch that. There are many reasons why. Here’s just a few of them:

New opportunities and exposure

Events like VSW give companies and individuals the excuse to communicate and open up new opportunities for collaboration. It’s well known that an in-person meeting can change an entrepreneurs life and build momentum for more exposure. Not only that, but getting out there and meeting like minded tech folk can make for perfect partnerships or mentoring opportunities. For VSW, this means having a recruitment fair and a community crawl that connects industry innovators. It’s all about giving people the chance to exchange business cards and expand their professional network. Who knows, some of next year’s brightest ideas might have already been sparked at Vancouver Startup Week 2018.

New Opportunities and Exposure

Insight on innovation

A startup week is one of the best chances an entrepreneur has to learn about what Vancouver’s tech companies are doing as well as the direction they plan on taking. Being in tech or business, you must always have your finger on the pulse of your community. Attending an event like VSW is the perfect time to learn, get inspired and feed your curiosity. Perhaps a presenter is giving a talk about a topic you’re interested in learning or a skill that could benefit your company. This year, a data driven content marketing workshop and a panel discussion on 3 keys to getting grants, tax credits and contributions were among the dozens of events on VSW’s packed schedule. Participants had a chance to learn from the experts and share their own paths with other Vancouver innovators. Definitely a win-win.

Insight on Innovation

Strength as a community

Startups are weaved into Vancouver’s DNA, so events like VSW are the optimal time to become stronger as a community. Vancouver Startup Week brings together this city’s robust tech ecosystem and cultivates a feeling of collective strength. It shows just how powerful startups can be and why this dynamic community will only continue to thrive. When you attend VSW, you genuinely feel empowered and excited to be part of something bigger than just yourself. Suddenly, you don’t just represent a company. You represent a community.

Strength as a Community

Tech tourism

A big bonus of an event like Vancouver Startup Week is all the buzz it attracts and the opportunities it opens up for tourism. It’s a reason for outside parties to come and visit Vancouver in order to see what our startup community is up to. It also gives our humble city the attention it deserves when it comes to tech and innovation. Tourism is key when trying to build a strong tech scene and connects all types of entrepreneurs, investors and community leaders.

Tech Tourism

The chance to make a change

One of the highlights of VSW this year was the sold-out Vanhacks 2018, hosted by ViDIA and Two Tall Totems. Participants created tailored solutions for Non-Profit Organizations, ones that really made a difference in their day-to day operations. The fact that VSW offers events like these – along with other hackathons, panel discussions, workshops, fireside chats and beer tastings –  shows how dedicated the tech community is to giving back. VanHacks just adds to VSW’s thoughtfully organized schedule and gives event goers a chance to make their week a meaningful one.

Chance to make a change

An event made to inspire

Vancouver Startup Week is top tier event in our community. It gives startups the encouragement they need to elevate their work and become visionary leaders. VSW will hopefully inspire many more amazing events and push our already distinguished startup scene to new heights. All the kudos goes to everyone behind Vancouver Startup Week – thank you for bringing together a community and inspiring innovation.