VSW Open House – Beers and Burgers with TTT

Vancouver startup week open house
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FIRST OFF!!!! Huge props have to go out to the organizers and volunteers of Vancouver Start up Week. The men and women dressed in green and blue shirts who make sure everyone is having a great time have been doing a fantastic job. Extra appreciation goes to Harry Chabra. Harry was assigned to help us in our office last night. He sat at our front desk and helped entertain. He is a true gentleman. THANK YOU!
Vancouver Startup Week is coming to a close. Thursday night’s open house was all about welcoming visitors into our office and sharing some of the stuff we deal with day to day. Many people just run in and out collecting stamps others stayed the whole night. I think the reason why so many didn’t wander off was the amazing BBQ that David (the meat maker) and Jian (The BBQ Chef) did such a great job preparing dinner.
David playing with his meat
It was a beautiful night for a gathering. We love sharing our patio with the world. I hope everyone loves what they do professionally half as much as I do. We are having too much fun at TTT.
When I was at university I was always excited about international relations and diplomacy. For this reason i went to check out a panel to discuss business in Europe.
Surprisingly enough saying Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) can make you sound cool. Well at least when Laura Clarke (Trade Commissioner with Global Affairs Canada)  talks about it is sounds cool. Actually very interesting stuff. As this agreement is designed to reduce the barriers for Canadian companies doing business in the EU it is something your company should know about. There are options for Joint Ventures with European firms with subsidies.
This event didn’t feel like it was part of Vancouver Startup Week. No one who attended was in a startup. This crowd was much more fashionable. It was evident pretty quickly that these were mostly policy / Govt types.
Laura was joined by Scott Larson, Founder of UrtheCast. His story of rise and challenges was pretty unique. When the Russians invaded Ukraine his business took some hits as his business was tied to various Russian interests.