BC Tech Summit 2017 recap

BC Tech Summit 2017
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We’ve had two very eventful days at the BC Tech Summit this week. Aside from the amazing food and dessert, which I myself took full advantage of, we had many great conversations with professionals across many different industries.

The two apps we had on showcase (Integra Gold VR & Pixels AR) garnered a lot of attention and great feedback from passerbys.
The first was a virtual reality experience we built for Integra Gold, a mining company that needed a better way to give potential investors tours of their facilities. We stitched together a 360 degree view of drone taken photos and created an interactive and educational app for Integra Gold. Instead of spending the time and money to send investors out to their mining site in the middle of Val D’or, Quebec, they can now give virtual tours from anywhere.

Next is augmented reality app we built for Pixels (a L.A. based company) that allows you to see what a piece of artwork looks like on a wall before making a purchase. The app enables custom switching of frames, sizes, and even lets the user to view the artwork from different angles. This lowers the potential for buyer’s remorse and helps to mitigate purchasing doubt.
On Day 2 of the BC Tech Summit, TTT President Chris Hobbs, did what he does best on the Tech Talks stage and gave a presentation on the importance of ‘community’ within a tech company as part of the “BGood: Creating a Company with Social Impact” session.

Our friends at Wavefront showcased our Argos IoT marine vessel monitoring app at their very cool booth, and we got the chance to check out some awesome virtual reality experiences up on the second floor.
All in all, team TTT had a great time at BC Tech Summit 2017, and we’re looking forward to doing it all again next year.