Getting my first UX design job abroad

It’s been about five years since I began my journey as a UX designer. In 2021—yup, amid the pandemic—I decided to take the plunge and move abroad for work, may I add, for the first time in my life! Moving from my home country, Brazil, to Vancouver, Canada, was undoubtedly a big adventure, and one

Journey of a TTT’er with Sahil Shirodkar

Greetings and welcome back to another installment of Journey of a TTT’er, where we go in-depth to learn more about how different team members help shape TTT Studios! In this edition, I sit down with Sahil Shirodkar, TTT’s Director of Engineering & Lead Architect.  Sahil is an integral part of our team. He leads our

Journey of a TTT’er with Victoria Niemiets

In our latest edition of Journey of a TTT’er series, we sit down with Victoria, Operations Coordinator. From hiring to organizing events to baking the best cakes, she can do it all!

Journey of a TTT’er with Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson is a passionate UX/UI designer and TTT’s favourite British lad. His sense of humour and relaxed energy makes him a joy to work with and be around. Read about his love for adventure and journey to Vancouver in issue #18 of Meet our Totems!