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Explore mining projects through VR, see up-to-date news and publications, and interact directly with mining experts

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VRIFY is a digital platform that empowers transparent communication between investors, stakeholders, and mining companies. Available as an iOS, Android, and web application, VRIFY gives investors visibility over the facilities, assets, and operations of a mining company. From a company’s perspective, VRIFY enables transparency and direct communication to an investment community.

Through the iOS app, investors can get a 360° view of “VRIFIED” sites around the world. The Android version of the app paired with a Google Daydream headset offers an immersive virtual reality experience of on-site facilities. Investors can navigate mining sites and explore interactive hotspots, allowing them to do their due diligence on the state and conditions of the site before making an investment.

The challenge

VRIFY saw an opportunity to leverage technology and revolutionize the communications pipeline between mining companies and investors. Already equipped with a deep understanding of the mining industry, they needed a partner that could help them navigate the unfamiliar technical terrain.


Unearthing the opportunity in technology

Traditionally, mining companies spend 80% of their day in meetings, pitching their projects to investors using corporate slide decks. Employing antiquated, two-dimensional methods of communicating three-dimensional geological information to non-technical investors and stake holders wasn’t cutting the slack. To verify company promises, investors and stakeholers would have to fly out on their own time and money to remote mining sites and explore the facilities themselves.
VRIFY’s vision was twofold. First, they wanted to create a mobile app and website that could help companies relay on-demand, readily accessible, and digestible information to their investors and stakeholders. Second, they hoped to integrate a 360 degree virtual tour that would allow companies to bring their mining projects directly to their investors. Together, the software would facilitate transparency and accountability in the mining industry by acting as the platform on which investors and stake holders can assess a company’s value.

How we helped

TTT Studios built a mobile app and website featuring a built-in mining company database, up-to-date news feed, and an immersive VR experience.

Transparent communication


To facilitate communication between investors, stakeholders, and companies, we designed and developed a mobile application and websites. The key feature was a database of mining company profiles with information such as a list of current projects, real-time stock quotes, company-specific news feed, and the functionality for a company to answer investors’ questions regarding their mining sites and operations

VR integration


We stitched together aerial, ground, and underground photos taken by the VRIFY team to create a 360° virtual tour that allows investors and stakeholders to view and navigate remote mining sites without having to leave their office. To further the interactive experience, we embedded digital data into the VR interface in the form of “hotspots.” Investors and stakeholders interact with these hotspots—which include textual information, locations, videos, PDF documents, still photos, 360° panoramic shots, and 3D models—to gain more insight into mining sites.

In short…

TTT Studios built a mobile application and website to satisfy VRIFY’s vision of a transparent communication platform between investors and mining companies
TTT Studios developed an immersive VR experience that makes remote mining sites accessible to investors and stakeholders
TTT Studios provided VRIFY’s internal development team with a well documented process during hand off, allowing them to control and augment the software functionalities.

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