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Login screen of the Start2Finish application mock-up.
Login screen of the Start2Finish application mock-up.
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A Challenging Request Asks for a Charming Solution

In 2020, the global pandemic affected children’s ability to access education, particularly in underserved communities. As part of their mission to break the cycle of poverty through ongoing educational support, Start2Finish knew they could rise to the challenge and provide not only an accessible but also a fun solution for kids across Canada. However, they needed a partner who could empathize with the problem and take their idea into a digital reality.

It is no surprise that drawing kids’ attention can be hard, so when moving all their after-school programming from in-person to online, Start2Finish realized that they would need to get creative. In this direction, TTT Studios was inspired and committed to creating a solution that went beyond class integration and offered kids consistency in their lives by means of a charming and easy-to-use digital experience.

As a result, Brainworx! was born – a free after-school online platform led by volunteer Coaches and Mentors that cultivates positive screen time, social-emotional learning and community building.


Growth in Junior Coach Program enrollment (Grades 7 to 8)


Students enrolled in Online Programs by December 2022


Growth in student engagement from fall 2021 to fall 2022

Login screen of the Start2Finish desktop application mock-up.
Login screen of the Start2Finish desktop application mock-up.

Digital Solutions that Spark Change

Our recommended process aimed to deliver a digital experience that stimulated children’s communication and positive development while being mindful of Start2Finish’s non-profit model. The answer was in building a fun custom web portal with robust admin capabilities and all required MVP features, harnessing design templates that allowed the team to work more efficiently.

How Did We Get There?

Purpose Through Great Design

Initially, the task was to create a digital solution that helped Start2Finish run a seamless experience for their after-school workshops online for children from first to eighth grade. During this first phase, it was important to run Discovery sessions that helped understand the problem in detail, and map their users’ journeys to discover their underlying needs and platform requirements before discarding any ideas.

Based on the findings, a technical analysis at the Define stage helped to identify the solution that provided the highest value for the client’s investment. Here is where creative problem-solving played an important role, and a custom solution was preferred.

The direction was clear; we needed to develop a platform that is not only useful, but also easy to use, and fun for children. More specifically, the team designed a portal where admins could manage users, upload course outlines, and create workshop groups we diced to call “Pods” to promote a sense of community. From there, volunteer Coaches and students could access the platform to retrieve or upload files and videos, award points for attendance and activities, and manage upcoming sessions.

Carousel displaying the Start2Finish application screens.
Start2Finish desktop application mock-up
Start2Finish desktop application mock-up

Maximizing Resources

Our planning revolved around never losing sight of the client’s main considerations and working under a streamlined approach to ensure efficiency. The team harnessed Ant design and Emilus templates to reduce development time and resources. Because templates are premade and customizable, they allow designers to pull elements like puzzle pieces, increasing velocity by saving coding time and leaving more space to add as many features as possible to build the core functionality.

Start2Finish mobile and desktop application mock-up displaying animation features.
Start2Finish mobile and desktop application mock-up displaying animation features.
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More Features!

With a strong base and positive feedback regarding efficiency and cost-effective planning, Start2Finish came back to build even more custom solutions that optimized user engagement. So, to kick things up a notch, the team designed an engaging leaderboard, a message board for students and coaches to interact, as well as animations and fun avatars.

Additionally, we incorporated a self-sign-up feature to reduce strain on the admin and an attendance management system to help with grant writing and reporting.

Delivering Education

We completed the project and delivered all required MVP features on budget before the school term launched. Start2Finish successfully ran their latest term with the new custom solution, and the TTT team even had the chance to sit in on workshops with the kids to see how they interacted with the software.
Start2Finish desktop application mock-up displaying animation features
Start2Finish desktop application mock-up displaying animation features.
We highly valued the team’s ability to stick to timelines and be conscious about the budget. They helped find workarounds to reduce the expense so that we could add even more features. Since wrapping up the project, we have experienced a significant decrease in IT-related questions from parents and volunteers.
Anna Giesbrecht
Regional Manager and Virtual Programs Coordinator

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