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    Web, iOS, and Android

PureCount's mobile application mock-up.

Optimizing the inventory process

Intuitive software that can make your business better, one count at a time. PureCount was built as an easy-to-use solution to help businesses count their inventory at a fraction of the time they used to, leveraging teams and tools they already have.

With a promising concept, PureCount selected TTT Studios as their partner to take their digital solution to the next level. Inspired by offering the best user experience, the client needed a team to build a mobile app with barcode scanning and speech-to-text proficiency and the capacity for two web admins to support the new features.

PureCount's application dashboard mock-up.

Bringing a user-centred vision to life

While the project revolved around the software’s ability to be fast, accurate, and as hands-free as possible, our processes identified that versatility should be the focus to create a first-class user experience.

Upon that guidance, TTT Studios delivered a custom solution by re-designing the software into a complete client management tool and a client-facing web portal for self-management that ran counts at a fraction of the time.

How did we get there?

User personas developed for PureCount's application.

A successful solution guided by research

Our team conducted workshops, interviews, and surveys with PureCount’s seasoned industry professionals to fully grasp all the drawbacks and breakthroughs within traditional inventory counting. By fully understanding final user jobs, frustrations and goals, we developed a set of personas to ensure the final solution kept the users top of mind. All of these factors went into effectively and confidently identifying the functionality and features of the final solution.

Inventory made easy for everyone

PureCount's mobile application mock-up.

Transact, the go-to app for inventory counters

For the final solution to reach its full potential and generate the most impact around users, we ran with our user experience intuition and expertise when working on feature and functionality enhancements, ensuring that users with all experience levels could now participate in the count. Throughout the process, we discovered that moving away from manual entry and human error found in traditional inventory counting methods was a must, but what would make Transact powerfully unique?

Green barcode icon.

Barcode scanning

Minimal interaction with the mobile app was vital here. The barcode capability was designed to maintain a hands-free counting experience where possible.

Green microphone icon.

Voice recognition software

Voice recognition requires a seamless voice-to-text experience. Our experts went to work on ensuring usability was successful and available in multiple languages!

Administrate, the web-portal for decision-makers

All users needed to be considered in this solution, from end-to-end, including the seniors and central decision-makers utilizing the desktop web application. Administrate eliminates the friction in manual entry by tracking and configuring inventory counts and creating reports to achieve targets.

This scalable and secure digital alternative to pen and paper saves administrators time, improves efficiency by reducing error rates, and provides an audit trail.

A final product to help
businesses capture instant value

As a result, PureCount launched the first tool to run recounts and variance counts. The turnkey solution offers comprehensive auditing that allows trace-back reporting to help identify issues on time and the power to manage multiple organizations with multiple users, all with different business needs. During one of the various demos, the new solution was able to count over 14,000 items in six hours – a job that would typically take a day or two to complete.
It didn’t take long for the team to understand why the solution we were building was unique and why it could be a challenging project. TTT had a good ability to scope the project from the outside and delivered a highly-professional experience.
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