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The interactive app behind the revolutionary custom molding earphones
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You may know Revols aka Logitech as Canada’s #1 crowdfunding campaign. Raising over $2.5 million dollars on Kickstarter, Logitech had over 12,000 pre-orders before it was even launched. The customizable earphones mold to the unique shape of your ears to deliver the best sound quality possible with the highest level of comfort.

TTT Studios built the interactive iOS and Android app behind Logitech featuring a step by step onboarding process, a customizable equalizer interface, and an adjustable noise-cancelling soundscape selection that takes the listener’s environment into consideration.

Built for iOS

Built for Android

Step-by-step onboarding

Equalizer interface

Adjustable soundscape

The ask

Following the overwhelming success of the Logitech earphones on Kickstarter, the company knew they needed top calibre software to complement the product. The then Revols Co-Founder and CEO Daniel Blumer approached TTT Studios to build the app that would accompany the revolutionary hardware.

Close up of a Revols earphone

Two main challenges


Customization process

Our first important task with the Logitech app was to create a successful user onboarding process. With the customized molding feature being the main highlight of the earphones, and an irreversible process, it was crucial for us to ensure that the end users properly complete the initial setup. Proper execution of the customization process was imperative, not only to the success of the app, but to the product as a whole. Our UX/UI Designer put a lot of effort into making sure the onboarding tutorial was clear and easy to follow.
Revols app pairing mode UI screen
Revols pairing process UI
Revols app molding tips UI screen
Revols connect earphones UI screen
Revols app soundtest UI
Revols onboarding UI
Revols onboarding process UI screen
Revols customization process UI


Firmware + software compatibility

The second challenge was working with the firmware behind the bluetooth technology. Since Logitech was still in manufacturing stage when the project began, firmware completion and app development were occurring simultaneously. This meant that any changes made in the hardware/firmware would need to be reflected in the development of the app. We worked closely with Logitech throughout the project to make sure all changes were clearly communicated.


Onboarding process

Revols mobile app screens

Since the Logitech earphones was the first of its kind, we needed to create a step by step tutorial that was clear and easy to follow. The app connects to the earphones through Bluetooth technology, triggering the customization process with a step by step guide. Very specific screen by screen instructions are given to the user including details like recommendations to keep the jaw still and ignore incoming calls during the molding process.

Revols Mobile App equalizer UI screen

The Equalizer feature offers different preset acoustics allowing the listener to choose between specific music genres. There are six different presets that are readily available (Logitech sound, pop, acoustic, rock, R&B, and EDM/dance). Users can also customize their own EQ settings and save it as a preset.
Revols soundscape feature setting
Picture of Revols soundscape setting for office environment at 45 percent sound level
Revols soundscape subway
Picture of Revols soundscape setting for outdoor environment at 90 percent sound level

Revols soundscape setting at 60 percent noise level

The Soundscape feature is a noise adjustment technology that takes the listener’s physical environment into consideration. Whether they’re on an airplane, train or outdoors, the listener can adjust the setting on the app and optimize the sound for any situation.



Swift (iOS) / Java (Android)


CSR Gaia


AlamoFire (iOS) / Volley (Android)

Working hand in hand with the hardware team, TTT Studios developed the communication layer that interacts directly between the iOS app and the earphones. We used BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0) for discovery, connection and data transmission, and Bluetooth Classic for music streaming. We needed to mix the standards to make sure all the different layers could interact. In the end, we used version 4 low power and sometimes version 2 which is low bandwidth.

In short…

We built an iOS and Android app connecting to the Logitech earphones through bluetooth connection.
We designed an onboarding process that was clear and concise, walking users through the earphone customization and setup.
We worked closely with the Logitech team to ensure hardware and software compatibility.

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