Mobile app showing real-time charging stats of Solo car.  
Mobile app showing real-time charging stats of Solo car.

ElectraMeccanica (EMV)

Real-time tracking of vehicle(s) status

The ask

When ElectraMeccanica (EMV) was in the final stages of releasing the SOLO, the company needed an experienced product development partner to build a mobile app that would allow its customers to track the status of their vehicle — including battery charge, driving range, location, and other automotive parameters.

The solution

TTT delivered a reliable and intuitive mobile app called “Solo” that shared detailed information about the user’s vehicle. Solo is supported by a safe and compliant web admin portal — “EMV admin,” which allows EMV to customize data for mobile app and provide customer support.

The outcome

After an in-depth discovery session with EMV, TTT Studios defined a list of features and their priority with the goal of scalability on top-of-mind. Additionally, working through the pandemic, the team seamlessly adapted to new tools and platforms to conduct its first remote user testing to mimic and analyze user behavior.

In the end, TTT built the mobile app — "Solo" and web admin portal — "EMV admin" with a validated UX design, enabling EMV to provide a superior user experience to its customers.

Mobile app showing real-time vehicle tracking status preview of Solo car.
“We didn’t have to lead TTT Studios into anything because they knew what they were doing. They had experience from similar projects. They were on top of things when it came to testing. They gave us access to the tools they were using, so we were able to monitor everything that was happening on the screen. It couldn’t have been done better based on the situation they were in during the pandemic. They did the best they could, and they were very good.”
Manish Joddar
Senior Procurement Officer

Our approach

Research and preparation

The company’s objective was to deliver an exceptional customer experience through a companion app. TTT Studios met with EMV’s stakeholders to better understand its potential users and the trends in the broader industry. A competitor analysis of similar vehicle applications was conducted based on decision criteria. During this exercise, TTT not only identified a core set of features to give EMV a competitive advantage, but also built with scalability top-of-mind.

TTT Studios team members participating in a Discovery session for EMV
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Discovery sessions are an integral part of our process. Working with our clients, we use this time to identify the business goals, understand user needs and expectations, and co-create an action plan to execute on the client’s vision. Over the course of two days and using the information gathered during our research and project preparation, we held a series of workshops with EMV to define the project’s product vision, personas, and user journeys.

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User Testing

We conduct user testing to objectively assess the software and validate its Information Architecture, Information Flow, User Experience, and Interface Design.

Using, we ran EMV’s testing participants through two scenarios for the mobile app and five for the web admin. The results of the mobile test were overwhelmingly positive and we achieved an average ease of use score of 4.2 out of 5. The app features were streamlined based on the test user’s recommendations and feedback. Similar to mobile testing, web admin testing was successful, resulting in a satisfaction score of 5/5.

QA Testing

On top of the end-to-end manual functional testing, an open-source test automation framework called Appium was used to carry out the automated testing for the mobile application. This tool is easy to set up with our existing toolbox. TTT has adopted tools like Appium, Experitest, and eclipse to push the boundaries of what we can achieve for our clients and continuously optimize our processes. Our written JAVA test scripts act like a “robot” to mimic human behaviour, which allows us to check if the code tested generated a server response. This testing method not only expedited the QA process, but ensured every possible scenario was tested consistently and reliably.

“TTT Studios successfully completed the project and managed the process excellently. They were cognizant of the timelines and kept the internal team abreast of any potential risks. Their ability to work independently, along with their adaptability, made for a successful partnership.”
Manish Joddar
Senior Procurement Officer

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